olutions for: OTT/IPTV Hotels DVB operators Cable Operators

Upgrade Your TV Experience with Sargx’s Innovative IPTV Solutions. Transform your entertainment setup with Smart TVs, Set-Top-Boxes, and high-speed IPTV networks. 

Our cost-effective solution enhances streaming quality while reducing bandwidth costs. Elevate your hotel TV system affordably with Sargx’s comprehensive range of solutions. 

Why choose Sargx

Elevate guest satisfaction with Sargx Hotel IPTV Solution. Our advanced system offers a seamless interface for easy access to a variety of content, including personalized streaming and interactive features. With Sargx as your partner, ensure exceptional guest experiences while staying ahead in hospitality tech. Transform your hotel into an entertainment hub with bandwidth savings through our P2P technology.


  • Cloud or Hotel TV HE Installation

    Choose the option that fits your needs best Hotel TV installation.

  • Live TV

    Fast TV zapping with EPG & Playback.

  • VOD

    Video on Demand is available for your guests in their room.

  • Widgets

    Get live weather forecast feeds.

  • Hotel Info

    Showcase your Hotel features.

  • Room Service

    F & B services.

  • Airport Flight Information

    Guests can check arrivals and departures.

  • Smart TV

    Connect your guest rooms with Android SmartTV, and STB devices.


    Connect our solutions with your Hotel PMS.



Rapid App Loading

Low Latency and Buffering

Smooth Content Playback

Advanced EPG system

Multi-device Compatibility

Re-Run Live Playback Ready


Secure Content Delivery
Widevine Ready
Fairplay Ready
Secure Content Delivery
Protection against Piracy


Advanced P2P technology
Bandwidth Reduction of up to 80%
Unlimited Scalable Solution
Enhanced Streaming Efficiency and Cost Savings
Reduced Network Congestion


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